Quieter, Smoother Operation. Protect Expensive Components. Prevent Transmission failure.

Over time and miles, heat in the transmission causes the protective conditioners in transmission fluid to break down. This results in the accumulation of oxidized deposits in the outer walls of the transmission’s torque converter. Those deposits break away from the fins of the torque converter and clog the narrow passages of the transmission. This restricts fluid flow and disables the fluid’s ability to cool and protect vital gears, clutches and valves in the transmission.

The best cure for worn out fluid is a Doylestown Auto & Tire Center Service. First, effective cleaners loosen and dissolve baked-on deposits from the transmission, valve body, torque converter, pan, filter element, transmission lines and transmission cooler. Then, specialized equipment removes the old fluid and replaces it with long lasting fluid and conditioners.

Transmission Repair Transmission Repair

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